[2nd Anniversary Special] The Journey..

Hello readers, it is to my immense pleasure to inform you that this 15th August: Indian Independence Day, also marked our 2nd Blog Anniversary! It has been a wonderful journey with you all and it feels like yesterday when I had this blog started out of nowhere to share my random thoughts and experiences! And... Continue Reading →


Best Place To Be

The best place to be in a place where you want to be is a place where you never dreamed to be and be able to do the things you never thought you could. By: DaZ Copyright © 2019 ……………………… Hope you loved the post and would love to follow “WordAllure” for sure..!! KEEP SUPPORTING….... Continue Reading →

[Session-2] Inviting Authors & Writers of all Genres..

So, I and my writers' team are back again in the hood after a long time. We have got some serious business regarding the upliftment of our blog like that of our old days and since we got brilliant support from you all on our Session-1 Writer Recruitment, last year, we're here to recruit more... Continue Reading →

My 5 Years on WordPress..

Yay! I can't imagine how time flies. It felt like it was only yesterday when I first registered on WordPress. I remember my first blog, it was "Deep Within"... I knew from the start I've created my blog to express everything what I really feel Deep Within, that's how I came up with the name... Continue Reading →

Candle Lit..

"A candlelit table Filling hopes of light For a moment they shine And brighten up your life In flames excitingly dancing While its life struggling Burning, weeping, dying Like a life intoxicating" If you like my blogs, please follow me and like or comment on https://wordallure.wordpress.com ………………………… Hope you loved the post and would love... Continue Reading →


I hear... I hear how my tears.. Fall down on the floor.. Hurt, yet returning for more.. I see.. I see the smile on your face.. When you're with your friends.. And how you walk with grace.. I say... I say sorry.. Everytime we fight.. Even if it's your fault... And even when you're right..... Continue Reading →

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