5 Years on WordPress!

Yay! I can't imagine how time flies. It felt like it was only yesterday when I first registered on WordPress. I remember my first blog, it was "Deep Within"... I knew from the start I've created my blog to express everything what I really feel Deep Within, that's how I came up with the name... Continue Reading →



"A candlelit table Filling hopes of light For a moment they shine And brighten up your life In flames excitingly dancing While its life struggling Burning, weeping, dying Like a life intoxicating" If you like my blogs, please follow me and like or comment on https://wordallure.wordpress.com


I hear... I hear how my tears.. Fall down on the floor.. Hurt, yet returning for more.. I see.. I see the smile on your face.. When you're with your friends.. And how you walk with grace.. I say... I say sorry.. Everytime we fight.. Even if it's your fault... And even when you're right..... Continue Reading →

Once Again

I cried because I was hurt I cried because I hoped I cried because you left And I cried because I loved When all my hopes and dreams With you, with our child With each other's arms Suddenly gone like a wind Once again I felt the pain Things will never be the same The... Continue Reading →

The Pain

Behind the Window Each day I cried It hurts me now And it hurts me even more Because pain is forever there And what is more painful Than turning your back on me Hurting me deeper all over again Without even saying sorry You ended us My dreams, my hopes Everything that we had Like... Continue Reading →

There won’t be anyone home

It's Dawn.. Look there's a deer and her fawn.. Running.. Through the clearings.. It's the time he rises A true friend Of everyone.. A shoulder.. A caring soul.. Ready for the day's hearings.. A judge he's not.. A guy so lost.. Clearing everyone's problems.. He goes.. Saddened he knows.. There won't be anyone home.. Laughs,... Continue Reading →

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