The night was pitch black, dark clouds black as a tire smoke came rolling from the East, propelled by a cold sea breeze. By midnight, a storm had hit the town. The iron roofs rattled as the wind tried relentlessly to force it out the nails. Hail and thunder drumming to a loud off tune beat. Finally, the wind won the battle against the iron roof of an abandoned building; it sent the roof up and smashed it on the next building’s windows. The sound of breaking glass caused Greg to wake up from a long nightmare, he had been asleep on the wooden floor of his apartment. How he ended up on the floor? He wasn’t sure. All he could remember was that he had been drinking all alone in the local bar down stairs. He probably had been smoking too much weed to get knocked out like that.

Now the wind was blowing inside, whistling a cold tune through the broken glass. He got up and moved slowly towards the window and all he could see was the black sky and the flashing warning light of the lighthouse. Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt cracked followed by a loud thunder, that caused the window frames to vibrate violently and the broken glass that still remained intact fell. He ducked for cover, he lifted his eyes and saw something that looked like a ball of fire fallen from the sky. It must not have landed too far from where he stood, it must be somewhere on the beach. But what was it? Or maybe it was the effects of smoking too much weed while drinking vodka, taking toll on his brain and making him see things that were not really there.

But the glass on his window was broken for real. The storm was also real, so what he just saw must be real too. He decided to go down there to have a look of the fiery thing that fell from the sky, despite the fierce wind and the pouring rain, despite the fear in his heart, he had to know. So he rushed down the stairs and on to the street. The wind was blowing from the East towards the West against him, but he pushed through using his left arm to cover his eyes from the rain. He struggled until he got to the beach, there he could see nothing. All he heard was the sound of the angry sea that kept on spitting out dead wood and sea shells with its waves, he looked around, all he could see was nothing, but blackness.

The lightning flashed again and from a distance of about fifty yards, he could see a figure that looked like a human being. It was trying to get up but it seemed like it was wounded and couldn’t. when the lightning faded he saw nothing again, he picked up a piece of wood and moved closer towards where he had seen the figure. His heart now pounding like the drums of a marching band against his ribcage, he now held the wood firmly with both his hands like he was holding a baseball bat, ready to hit anything that moved towards him. The lightning stroked again, illuminating the sky for a second or two. He was now pretty close to the figure and he now could see that it was a woman, naked. She had long hair, white as a wool, stained with blood.

She tried to stand up but she was weak, she fell to the ground again. Greg ran to her, he lifted her to his shoulder and hurried back to his apartment with her. Back inside he laid her on the bed, turned on the heater and tried to close the broken window with plastic and masking tape. He came back to her with a first aid box. From close inspection he realized that she had two wounds on her back, each one deep on each shoulder blade. He wandered what kind of weapon or creature made these kind of wounds? He sterilized the wounds to prevent infection and then started to knit the muscles back into place. After that he covered her wounds with a bandage.

During all this time she was out unconscious, he covered her with a blanket and then sat on the couch next to the bed. He lit a cigarette and puffed while he watched her in disbelief. She was like nothing he had seen before, neither tall nor short, her tan perfect, her skin smooth, her face like that of a baby, her body slim with a tight figure. What kind of beast would cause harm to such a beauty? He sat there staring at her not sure if any of this was real, if it was all just a dream he wished he could dream just a little longer. His thought raised through his drunk mind like that until he fell into a deep, dreamless, undisturbed slumber, like a little baby until he woke up to a strange sound at 3 am.

By Lwandle

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  1. Desree says:

    Such brilliance ♥️


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