Dense and Dark…

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”

  • Ralph waldo emerson.

We humans cannot understand the meaning of nature and her patience. That’s why we don’t understand, almost 20% of the world oxygen provider amazon forest is burning as a result of our human karmas. It’s been one year since we lost the huge part of Mother Nature.

Picture courtesy:- Aarvi Jaiswal

The Amazon basin is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, covering a size approximately equal to the lower 48 United States. 6-8 million square kilometers of forest house approximately 10% of the world’s biodiversity and 15% of its freshwater. These “lungs of the world” provide ecological services for the planet, but are also a source of livelihood for hundred of indigenous groups and forest dependent peoples. Brazil is approximately 65% of the Amazon basin. The forests of the Amazon basin have been used for food and resources for thousands of years by native peoples. Products such as rubber, palm fruits, and Brazil nuts, as well as countless medicines have been derived from the forest.

picture courtesy:- Aarvi Jaiswal

In the last centuries, rubber harvest and timber extraction of valuable woods such as mahogany and Spanish cedar penetrated remote areas of the Amazon forest, often via waterways such as the Amazon and Xingu.

Beginning in the 1970’s and 80’s, deforestation exploded as highways such as the Trans-Amazonas in Para and the Soy highway (BR-163) in Mato Grosso opened up new land to permanent settlement.

Since 1970, an estimated 700,000 square kilometers, or 20% of Brazil’s Amazon forest has been cleared.
Deforestation levels reached 20,000 square kilometers per year for much of 1980-2005, an area almost the size of Belgium.
Cattle ranching and soy plantations are the dominant drivers of deforestation in the Amazon, much of it concentrated in massive landholdings of thousands of acres.
Expansion of the road network through the Amazon basin, especially in the southwest Brazil – Peru – Bolivia region continue to threaten Amazon forests.

Picture courtesy:- Aarvi Jaiswal

New threats emerge from palm oil plantations, mining, and hydropower development.

Moreover, scientists estimate that a similar extent of forest is threatened by degradation from climate change, drought, and unsustainable selective logging practices.

Despite the numerous deforestation threats facing the forest, deforestation in the Amazon basin has declined since 2005, and the region as a whole still boasts some of the most intact and healthy tropical forests in the world.

Brazil has been commended for great advances in environmental policy, forest monitoring, and protected area management.

Conservationists seek to continue these advances with REDD+ and other environmental incentive programs, deforestation free supply chains of major commodities, and land tenure reform. At the same time, indigenous reserves, forest restoration, timber legality and forest certification, and marketing of non-timber forest products remain important conservation tools.
This is how the forest was , how deforestation occurred ,what are the dominant factors of it , how road network affected the forest and what are the policy and steps taken to preserve the forest. Amazon forest is also known as the “lungs of the earth”. In 2020 only 20% of fire incident happened in amazon comparison to June 2019. But again, it is whose concern to protect our mother nature and turn this 20% in 0%? INPE, Researchers of Brazil government space research agency saw “75 fire a day in the amazon”. Last August per day 1,000 fires detected in a day and this massive effect caused a global cry. Today, there are 75 fires a day and that means so much smoke in the environment. According to Reuters in the period of global coronavirus pandemic, Philip Fearnside, an ecologist at Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research said, “It’s a bad sign, but what really is going to count is what happens from now on.” Therefore saving amazon forest is a worldwide concern not only the concern of their forest department. In this situation, reforestation is the only way to save ourselves from punishment from our dear mother nature. On deforestation, Fearnside said “rising deforestation is a concern. With deforestation, fires are usually set to clear land when tress is cut down to create pastures”. And INPE data says in 5 months of 2020 deforestation is up 34%.

Picture courtesy:- Aarvi Jaiswal

Before this global problem, 80,000 fires set in 2019 and they burned an area about the size of New Jersey. As the immensity of the fires became clear, people started blaming each other. The year ended with scientists warning that deforestation in the Amazon had reached a point where it might become a savanna, which would “release billions of tons carbon into the atmosphere.” This “international tragedy” is very alarming. It’s never late to wake up and realize our loss. As humans and as a society we can still save our mother nature. The responsibility of the loss is not only on the government, but also on everyone of us. As a digital society, we are becoming dependent on machines day by day and ignoring our mother nature. There are people out there helping our mother nature and fighting for the environment. We should join them and control the degradation of the mother nature we made.
The lungs of earth can save us if we humans start respecting our earth and its beauty.
I am forest your life
Makes you survive
So protect me from deforestation
Plant trees for reforestation.

Aarvi Jaiswal

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